Brand Building

What makes a great brand?
Vision, process, hard work…
and sticking with the plan.

Aligning your business and creative strategies, then presenting a story consistently through every media touchpoint are essential to generating more business.

The accelerated communications environment of today is filled with fleeting visuals, messages, concepts and companies. In this saturated media environment, the primary characteristic of effective brand design—to endure over time by ultimately registering meaning and trust in the viewer—is more important than ever for a company or institution. Creating a distinctive brand identity not only promotes business objectives and engages investors, it inspires employees, customers, and communities. Design Confederation builds brands which reflect long-term vision and enduring values, are visually well-defined, and easy to understand and to implement.


Your basic unit of brand.

A logo is a single, direct, and clear image that captures the character and aspirations of a business. The formula for an enduring logo strikes a balance between simplicity and memorability.

Form and content are both essential ingredients, merging operational and conceptual strategies. Bold forms favor the practical reality of reproduction at all sizes and in various media whether stamped, animated, printed, or loaded.

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